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Train with the UNIR MBA in English

Limited places available
Start date: October 2024
Pay in interest-free installments


1 academic year




In person or online, at the end of each semester

Consult centers


100% online education


Experience recognized

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100% Online University

Live Online Lectures

Personal Tutor

Fahim Zuberi, Student UNIR's MBA

Live online classes are no different from real classes in real time. You can see your teachers and classmates, and have a normal discussion as if you were face-to-face. The only difference is the use of technology. In the end I have learned a lot, and this degree prepared me to quickly progress my career with greater responsibilities”.

Yusuf Yaran, Student of UNIR's MBA from Malaysia

With the aim of developing my business knowledge, I decided to enroll in UNIR MBA. They offer a flexible online method with a professional team involved at every stage of my learning process. Now I feel ready and motivated to succeed in the changing market place”.

Paloma Arenales, Student of UNIR's MBA from Spain

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