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Train with the UNIR MBA in English

Intake: November 2021
Up to 25% discount
Limited places available


1 academic year




100% online education


Experience recognized

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100% Online University

Live Online Lectures

Personal Tutor

Fahim Zuberi, Student UNIR´s MBA

Live online classes are no different from real classes in real time. You can see your teachers and classmates, and have a normal discussion as if you were face-to-face. The only difference is the use of technology. In the end I have learned a lot, and this degree prepared me to quickly progress my career with greater responsibilities”.

Yusuf Yaran, Student of UNIR´s MBA from Malaysia

With the aim of developing my business knowledge, I decided to enroll in UNIR’s MBA. They offer a flexible online method with a professional team involved at every stage of my learning process. Now I feel ready and motivated to succeed in the changing market place”.

Paloma Arenales, Student of UNIR´s MBA from Spain

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